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If said person calls the phone number on the tag, Embark will act as a third party to pair up the finder and the owner.

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In other words, Embark won't just hand out your personal contact info. The first thing you do, of course, is activate the kit—just like with human DNA kits. You have the option to use Facebook or Google sign-ins, or create an account with your email address.

If you have multiple kits for multiple dogs, register all the kits to the same account for easy online access. Once your account is live, create a dog profile for every kit you want to activate and register each with the numbers from an Embark kit.

DNA My Dog Breed Test: How Accurate is It?

Here, you can also decide if you want your dog's data to contribute to medical and scientific research more on that below. Embark also informs you that it will send updates by email and, if you desire and are in the US, SMS text message. The warnings on top of the package instruct you not to crush the box, as it doubles as return shipping container for the DNA sample. This is the only dog DNA test I've seen that requires a single swab—the rest require two samples. Embark's collection sponge comes on the end of a plastic container filled with a stabilizing fluid.

Swab the pocket of a dog's lower cheek pouch between gum and cheek, preferably without them chewing it for 30 seconds—that's 10 seconds longer than the competition. Unscrew the unit, reverse it, and place the sponge in the fluid.

Shake it gently for 10 seconds and the sample is ready to go in the mail. Embark apparently uses a sampler from a company called DNAGenotek; below is the video of instructions used on Embark's site:.

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The DNA swab tests from the competition involve simply throwing some long cotton swabs in an envelope. Embark's test feels more high-tech and trustworthy, even if there's no way to be sure. After all, you can't really get dogs to spit into a tube, like humans do with 23andMe. Follow the instructions to put the sample in the included plastic envelope, slap it all into that same box it came in, and close the flap.

Pop it into the mail. Mine went to Embark's lab at its headquarters in Boston. All the postage is prepaid. The estimate to get the response from Embark is two to four weeks. I received a response on one kit in 19 days; the second sample showed up with breed results in 21 days with an extra day for the rest of the info to appear. This is an excellent turn-around time. Embark keeps a sample report online , featuring the CEO's "ridiculously photogenic" dog, Harley.

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  • The dog is, indeed, photogenic. Once your sample is sent in, Embark keeps you informed via email throughout the process. I got an email saying the kit was en route less than three hours after I dropped it at the post office.

    Quick Overview

    I was notified of the sample arrival at the lab, the start of genotyping, when genomicists scientist who specialize in genomes would examine the sample, and, finally, an email saying the results were in. I also got an advertisement for that crappy movie Alpha because Embark has a deal with it. Health results sometimes take longer to show up than breed results.

    Unlike the other DNA tests we've done, Embark puts a lot of the results in that final email, including a small doughnut chart with initial breed results, and even a little hint of how much wolf DNA is in your purely domesticated doggy. For the full results, you log in via the My Embark site. My methodology was to test a pure-bred dog Griffin once and see if the test company would get the breed right, then test my mixed-breed companion Madison twice—once under a false name "Daisy" and a new account—to see if the results were the same both times.

    Considering the tests were provided by Embark for our uses, it's possible it could just track the sample numbers it sent to PCMag and keep an eye out for such trickery, but that seems like a lot of work. The first stop you'll probably want to make in the full results is the Breed button. I'm happy to report that Embark thought Griffin was a Golden Retriever at Madison, of course, came back with an all-over-the-place mix of breeds: What happened with the second test of Madison aka "Daisy"? DNA Nutrition Testing. Return Policy. Paternity Testing. This iframe contains the logic required to handle Ajax powered Gravity Forms.

    Shop Now. Shop Products. Learn how your DNA contributes to the health of your skin. Pain Management Panel. Cardiovascular Health Panel. Mental Health Panel.

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    Comprehensive Panel. DNA Portraits. Microscopic Artwork. Created using Scanning Electron Microscopy to generate ultra-high resolution masterpieces. Become the best version of you in four easy steps! Complete Your Sample. Analyze Your Sample. We do not share or sell your information. That is our promise to you. Genetic Testing. Tour the Lab. To compile this test, DNA from certified purebred dogs was used. The use of certified purebred dogs, simply means that the geneticists knew about genetic history. The breeds from the canine DNA tests are assessed as a range, rather than as absolute values.

    Geneticists will record all these genetic levels will on your certificate. For example, if your dog shares its DNA with an Entlebucher Mountain Dog, which is not listed on the database, it might show up with a close relative, the Bernese Mountain Dog.

    Embark DNA Coupon Code – Get Your Discount

    Customers who believe their dog belongs to a breed, not in the database should contact DNA My Dog to discuss genetic testing options. This can be because the breeds are not listed in the database or because the dog DNA test has been taken incorrectly. See below for tips on swabbing for canine DNA correctly. For example, if your dog shows up as majority Border Collie, DNA My Dog might advise you that dogs of that breed are more prone to seizures.

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    • The tallest dog DNA My Dog currently has in their database is a close tie between the Irish Wolfhound, which can stand at about 35 inches at the shoulder, and a Great Dane, which is around the same size.