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Windows 10 will soon have a built-in feature to measure framerates in games 4 days ago. Superstar streamer Shroud joins Ninja, moves exclusively to Mixer 3 days ago. The best HDR monitors for 2 days ago.

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He is based out of New York City. If you are expecting a game that is similar to RDR or GTA then purchase something else - this is not a fast paced action game.

Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Gears 5 Limited Edition $499

You have to learn how to survive in a world that is full of danger; you are not just keeping yourself alive, you also have to look after your horse and help provide for your family. There is a steep learning curve over the As the game started I felt I was gently pushed into John's region, one of the 3 regions on the map.

Here I thought the game was a bit dull ; just like the landscape. I even moaned about the very difficult to control planes on one mission and was beginning the think that FC5 was my least favourite in the series. That's until, after a few upgrades, I entered the world of Jacob, were this awesome game kicked in.

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I was hooked literally, sidetracked on some fishing, making use of the much more manageable helicopters, side missions, hunting and more. To finish off the game in Faith's region was just amazing The arcade multiplayer is fun but is below triple A game standards in my opinion; I didn't play Far Cry for this.

BEST Forza Motosport 6 Xbox One Limited Edition Bundle Unboxing!

But if you want the platinum trophy you have to. Ubisoft have created The game life is strange is great game and a true emotional rolercoster with plenty of twists and turns along the way and is by far one of the best games that I have played all year and would highly recomend the game to anyone intrested in a good episodic game Similar to a tell tales game you take control of the protagonist and produce a story that changes depending on the actions that you take as "for every action there is a reaction" Although the the game is a slower pased than a tell tale game it still leaves you double guessing yourself as to did I make the correct decision and the thought is this going to come back to haunt you with a great game and a powerful story the developers at dontnod have done a good job with the game and truely one of the best games I do like this hard drive.

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It does exactly what you'd want, which is to add storage space for your games, or media if you assign it for that for your Xbox One, and it looks nice and the USB ports are a useful addition. Shame about the delivery though was was approaching a month and taking too long, so felt i had to switch to express delivery, at which point it was immediately dispatched and arrived in two days, so my point is, if you want a reasonable delivery time, either get from another seller or go express delivery, from my personal experience.

Additional: If your thinking of buying this as an external drive for your PS4, don't, it won't work on it, i know, i tried it. Only 6 left in stock. Not too sure what the comment means about this being fake Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more.